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Our Schools

Saunders Catholic Schools

There are three Catholic schools in Saunders County, starting with Bishop Neumann High School located in Wahoo, NE.  We are also blessed with two elementary schools that offer Pre-K to 6th Grade, including St. Wenceslaus Grade School in Wahoo, NE and St. John Nepomucene Grade School in Weston, NE.


The History of Saunders Catholic Schools

Saunders County has been blessed with a Catholic educational system for over 100 years. The building of St. Wenceslaus School began in 1910. The school, together with its equipment, cost approximately $28,000. It opened on September 18, 1911 and was staffed by the Benedictine Sisters who came to Wahoo from Czechoslovakia at the request of Bishop Thomas Bonacum. The Sisters staffed St. Wenceslaus School until 1923, after which the school was staffed by the Notre Dame Sisters. St. John Nepomucene Elementary School was built in 1954 in Weston, NE for a cost of $120,000 and was also staffed by the Notre Dame Sisters.  Bishop Neumann High School was opened in 1964 (previously Wahoo Catholic from 1960-1964), for a cost of $550,000 and has graduated over 2,600 students.  Bishop Neumann also enjoys five Priests on staff and several Notre Dame Sisters, as well as 23 dedicated teachers, with a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 12.   Over 60% of our dedicated teachers have at least a Master’s Degree and have worked in Catholic education for an average of over 20 years.

Visit our Schools

For more information about our schools or to schedule a visit, please contact the Enrollment Coordinator by calling the office at 402-443-4151 or by e-mailing us at jennifer-whitney@cdolinc.net