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AP/College Coursework

Bishop Neumann High School offers a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) level courses and several college credit courses to our students.  There are many options for college credit courses that are available to our students, including:

Advanced Placement

  • AP Physics – (Taught by Mr. Gilman) – 3 Hours High School Credit (preparation for AP Test)


Nebraska Wesleyan University

  • English 102: Honors English – (Taught by Miss Sydik) – 3 Hours Dual Credit
  • Biology 1010: Perspectives in Biological Sciences (Taught by Mr. Gerdes) – 4 Hours Dual Credit
  • Religion 2250:  Religion, Peace and Social Justice – Catholic Through the Ages – 3 College Credits


Southeast Community College 

  • SENCAP Program (Southeast CC): Fall & Spring semesters – Dual credit 3-4 hours each semester
  • DC Advantage Courses (Southeast CC): Fall & Spring semesters – Dual credit 3-4 hours each semester
  • Distance Learning (Southeast CC & Wahoo High School): Fall & Spring semesters – Dual credit 6-8 hours each semester; courses taken at Wahoo High School.
  • College Algebra (Fiber course through Southeast CC): Fall semester 4.5 hours


NebraskaNow College Coursework

The University of Nebraska offers online college coursework for any student.  To view a list of college courses that are available, click here:  NebraskaNow

  • Fall and Spring (College Credit; 3-4 hours each semester)

Transfer Nebraska

The Transfer Nebraska website offers a way to help students better prepare for college, especially if they are taking dual credit courses. Many college courses are transferable, but some are not accepted by individual institutions.  This website helps any student, whether in college or high school, to determine if their college coursework will be accepted by a specific college or university.  Some things for you to know about the Transfer Nebraska partnership among the State’s 16 public postsecondary institutions:

  • Over 70,000 course equivalencies are shown in Transfer Nebraska.
  • See transfers among the five University of Nebraska campuses, three state colleges, and eight community and tribal colleges, as well as other in-state and out-of-state institutions.
  • By taking a dual credit course from one college, students can see the colleges to which the course may transfer.


College Course Meeting: Mrs. Chvatal offered a parent/student meeting to discuss the options available to junior and senior students for earning college credit while at Bishop Neumann High School on Thursday, March 8th. If you were unable to attend, the notes and presentation are below.