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Christmas Tree & Dedication Service at St. Francis & Sunrise Cemeteries

Memorial Christmas Tree and Dedication Service at St. Francis and Sunrise Cemeteries

This Christmas season a memorial Christmas tree will be placed at St. Francis and Sunrise Cemeteries to remember our loved ones.  The tree will be placed near the statue of Jesus on the cross (south end of the main entrance road) and a special dedication service will take place on December 9th, 2018, at 2pm.  During the dedication service, family members and friends can place ornaments of their choosing on the tree for their loved ones.  These ornaments and the tree will stay up through the Christmas season in remembrance of those who have passed before us but are never forgotten.   If you are unable to make the dedication service, an ornament can be placed on the tree at any time after December 8th, 2018.

The tree will stay up until January 13th, 2019, so we ask all ornaments be taken down before then.  Also, when choosing your memorial ornament, please consider the outdoor elements and proper securement to last through wind and snow (i.e. zip ties, wire, etc.).  Zip ties will be available at the dedication service for use.

Any questions can be directed to Cori Mooberry at 810-623-1878 or kerkman513@yahoo.com

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