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Neumann Intercessors

Be a Neumann IntercessorThis is an opportunity for parents, grandparents and others in the community to support Bishop Neumann students, faculty and staff through your prayers! There are several ways you can be an Intercessor.

1.      Commit to daily prayer and/or sacrifice for Neumann Students, Faculty and Staff. This can be as little as one “Hail Mary” or giving up one treat or as a daily Rosary or eliminating some vice from your life. Whatever you decide to do, it will be between you and God, and he will bless our School for your actions.

2.      Spend ½ hour in adoration in the Bishop Neumann Chapel. Once per month there will be exposition in the Chapel. We will need to have 2 people praying at all times. The dates for adoration are listed below. A few days prior to the specified date, we’ll send out an email asking the Intercessors to sign up for ½ hour in the Chapel. You don’t have to commit to sign up every month, but try to make it as much as your schedule allows.

Neumann Intercessors Information Sheet                                                        Adoration Time Registration

Thursday, Sept. 7th

Tuesday, Oct. 5th

Friday, Nov. 2nd

Wednesday, Dec. 7th

Thursday, Jan. 4th

Tuesday, Feb. 1st –No School

Friday, Mar. 1st – No School

Friday, Apr. 5th

Friday, May 3  

3.      Be included in the Community E-mail Prayer Chain. Put your email address down and receive prayer request for members of the community (your email address will only be shared with the facilitator of the prayer chain).  If there are intention for Neumann Students, Faculty or Staff that you would like to add, you can send your request to the facilitator and it will be forwarded to all on the Community Prayer Chain.

Neumann Intercessors