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Guardian Angel Scholarships

Saunders Catholic Schools and the Diocese of Lincoln believe that Catholic education should be available to all students regardless of their families’ ability to pay for tuition.  The Catholic schools in Saunders County are supported by ten community parishes that provide financial support to our three Catholic Schools, which helps to keep our tuition affordable for all families.  All three schools have a Guardian Angel Scholarship Fund for families who may not qualify for the Good Shepherd Scholarship, offered by the Lincoln Diocese.  For more information about the Good Shepherd Scholarship, click here.

The Guardian Angel Funds are completely supported by private donations, from benefactors who would like to help a child to enjoy the benefits of Catholic education.  Families who are in need of tuition assistance are eligible for Guardian Angel Scholarships. If you would like to support a student through the Guardian Angel Scholarship Fund, please contact Jennifer Whitney in the Development Office at jennifer-whitney@cdolinc.net