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Meet our new 4 legged friends, Millie and Riley!

Mrs. Chvatal, our school counselor has adopted two dogs that are being trained to become EduPups. These pups will visit our school on a regular basis. Animals are natural teachers and able to share unconditional love. The learning process can be enhanced and renewed for students after spending time with them. Many schools with therapy pets attest to the calming effect they have on students. Millie, an 8 month old, female Mini Australian Shepherd and Riley, an 8 week old, male Golden Retriever will visit the guidance office and be available to help our students whenever possible. Both dogs will go through multiple obedience classes as well as specific courses in pet therapy. For now they are visiting school and becoming socialized to bells, hallway traffic, and our students. Millie and Riley may eventually attend school events as well.

We’ll be here for any student who is in emotional distress. Students with anxiety issues might find it comforting, as well as de-escalate their anxiety, helping them to return to the classroom instead of heading home. Students who may be facing grief are welcome to come in and spend some time with the pups as needed. We’ll visit classrooms whenever it is appropriate. The dogs can help to alleviate stress in students as well. Sometimes we all just need a break. You don’t have to say anything to a pet, you just get to be with them and breathe. That can be good for all of us. If you see them out and about, don’t hesitate to come meet them!


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