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Good Shepherd Scholarship Details & Tuition Application

2019-2020 SCS Tuition & Scholarship Announcement

At the recent Open Forum Meetings on January 30th and February 11th, Saunders Catholic Schools announced the
2019-2020 Tuition Rates for all three schools, as well as the new Diocesan Good Shepherd Scholarship, the Family Tuition Cap Scholarship and the Neumann Family Scholarship programs.

The Diocese of Lincoln recently announced a new tuition and scholarship model that is focused on increasing the financial sustainability of our schools and parishes, while continuing to keep tuition affordable for families in need of assistance.  This includes a new Good Shepherd Scholarship and a Family Tuition Cap Scholarship, helping families within 200% of the Federal Poverty Level and large families.  Across the Lincoln Diocese families will now only pay tuition for the first three students in a family, all other students in K-12 are eligible for a full tuition scholarship, regardless of family income.

In addition Saunders Catholic Schools will continue to offer Guardian Angel Scholarships for families in need and Bishop Neumann announced a Neumann Family Scholarship for families within 200% to 300% of the poverty level, that have three students, with at least one at Neumann.  This scholarship is estimated to be $1,000 per family that qualifies, based on the success of the Neumann Annual Appeal.

Saunders Catholic Schools will continue their long tradition of offering an excellent Catholic education with affordable tuition.  No family has ever been or will ever be turned away from Saunders Catholic Schools for financial reasons.

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