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Parenting Resources

The Choking Game

The “choking game” is an activity that kids may participate in to create a “high” or altered consciousness feeling. They may participate alone or in groups using belts, rope, or hands to put pressure on the carotid artery. We want to make parents aware that students may be experimenting with this activity in the hopes that families may have open and honest conversations with their children and prevent this dangerous activity from taking place. It’s important for our kids to understand, if they have knowledge of someone participating in this game they need to share this information with an adult. It’s not about getting the students in trouble; it’s about educating them to the dangers of it and keeping them safe.

Choking Game Facts                     What is the Choking Game?

Parenting Links

Guiding your children through new technologies, career planning, social media and student life is a great challenge and a great experience.  Sometimes you might want to check out a few of these links that might be of help:

Mike Donahue Presentation – 2016

The link below is Mike’s website. Mike also has a YouTube page with several videos of his presentations.


EducationQuest is a great organization that helps students in a variety of ways. Whether they need to explore career options, college choices, or scholarship help EducationQuest is the place to go! They have recently made a FAFSA Demo to help students and parents complete this important tool for financial aid. Take a few minutes and check it out!

Lincoln Diocese “Managing Social Media”

Need some help managing your student’s devices or social media access? Fr. Sean Kilcawley, Director of the Family Life Office for the Lincoln Diocese has information that may prove useful. Check it out through the link below: