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Scholarships/Financial Aid


Each year, information on numerous scholarships are sent to Bishop Neumann. Scholarships are posted outside of the School Counseling Office, and students should make every effort to peruse these on a weekly basis. Additionally all seniors should sign up for the scholarship emails that Mrs. Chvatal sends out throughout the year. There are a multitude of local scholarships that Bishop Neumann students can apply for and earn. Click on the link below for a current listing.

Students should also use EducationQuest to search for scholarships. Visit their site to use the ScholarshipQuest tool and to find other scholarship search engines.

Scholarship Master List 2022

2021-2022 Local Scholarship Applications for College

2022 Landen Michael Montanio FFA Scholarship
2022 Bob Chvatal Memorial Scholarship
2022 Valparaiso AmLegionAux Scholarship
2022 American Legion Emil B. Eliason Application
2022 Andy Kavan Memorial Weight Lifter Scholarship Application
2022 Marine Corps League Scholarship
2022 Jerry Specht Scholarship
2022 Ceresco American Legion Post #244 Scholarship
2022 Cornerstone Bank Scholarship
2022 Terry O’Brien Memorial Scholarship Application
2022 Cavalier Classic Alumni Scholarship
2022 Charles Divis Scholarship Application
2022 JEO SCHOLARSHIP Application
2022 American Legion – Valparaiso Post 371 Scholarship
2022 Saunders Co. Auto Assoc. Scholarship
2022 Wahoo Senior Citizens Center Scholarship
2022 Wake Charitable Foundation Scholarship
2022 Wahoo Area Kiwanis Scholarship
2022 Wahoo Lions Club – Willard Hunzeker Scholarship
2022 Shelter Insurance Foundation – Joann Simanek Scholarship
2022 Wahoo Community Foundation – Manske Scholarship (updated)
2022 Valparaiso Area Businessmen’s Association Scholarship
2022 VFW 4502 Scholarship Application
2022 American Legion Post 254 Prague Scholarship
SMC health education scholarship 2022
2022 Ken Good Scholarship
2022 Knights of Columbus 1833 Scholarship



There are a number of scholarship websites that will help students find money to pay for college. However, please remember you should never have to pay any fees to be considered for a scholarship. EducationQuest is a nonprofit organization that provides free services and programs to help Nebraska students make college possible. It is highly encouraged for Bishop Neumann students to the EducationQuest website and create a student profile using their ScholarshipQuest tool.

Scholarships are offered year round and to a variety of ages. You don’t have to wait until your senior year to start looking for them! Part of the scholarship process may include completing essays. Make sure these essays reveal your unique self. Help the scholarship committee understand what your college goals are and how this scholarship may help you to achieve them. You may want to create a Student Resume that lists all of the clubs, activities and organizations you have participated in, as well as any honors you have achieved throughout high school. EducationQuest will help you create one of these as well.

A number of scholarships will ask students for letters of recommendation from a variety of sources. Teachers, coaches, neighbors, and employers are prime examples of people you can turn to to write these letters. Start the process early! Give recommenders at least two weeks notice before the deadline. Waive your confidentiality rights – this indicates you trust the person. Complete a Student Information Summary which will give the recommender valuable information allowing them to write a better letter of recommendation. Finally, don’t forget to thank your recommenders!

Financial Aid

There are a variety of ways to help pay for college. Students earn free money for a variety of reasons – academics, leadership, athletics, talents, or military involvement to name a few. Grants, work-study, and loans are types of aid given based on financial need. Students need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be considered for federal, state, or college-based financial aid. You can find more information about the FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov. The FAFSA should be completed each year that you are in college.

FAFSA Checklist                                                     FSA ID Handout

The following programs offer additional opportunities for Nebraska students who qualify for the Federal Pell Grant Program:

Collegebound Nebraska
You will pay no tuition at the University of Nebraska if you:
–  are a Nebraska resident undergraduate student
–  meet the university’s admission requirements
–  qualify for the Federal Pell Grant Program
–  for more information visit Collegebound Nebraska

NSCS Advantage Program
The Nebraska State College System (NSCS) Advantage serves students, area communities, and the State of Nebraska by guaranteeing that first-time freshmen who receive federal Pell Grants pay no tuition at Chadron, Peru, and Wayne State Colleges. This award is renewable. To qualify a student must be:
–  a Nebraska resident
–  a Federal Pell Grant recipient
–  a first-time freshman
–  enrolled in at least 12 on-campus credit hours each semester
–  for more information visit www.nscs.edu