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Online Learning

This page is being created to offer videos to parents in order to help your students use PowerSchool Learning. This is a work in progress and will be added to over the next few days/weeks. Thank you for helping us continue to teach your students in this extremely challenging time!

These four videos explain the main concepts of PSL that your student will need to know to successfully continue their education.
Introduction Video – This video explains what we are trying to do with this web page.
Logging in to PSL – How to get into PSL.Can also view in a pdf document at PowerSchool Learning sign in.
Navigating PSL – How to find out what your teachers are asking you to do.
Setting up notifications – How to receive notifications from PSL for things like new assignments and grades.

These videos explain some of the assignments your student will need to know how to respond to.
Taking a quiz/test
Submitting an assignment
Taking a poll
Messaging your teacher