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SCS Advancement Board

The principal purpose of the SCS Advancement Board is promote and advance the mission of Saunders Catholic Schools for the education and formation of our students, and to ensure the adoption and adherence to the Catholic education principles of the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln.  The Board is a shared decision-making entity for matters pertaining to the schools,  specifically focusing on the adoption of the SCS Budget and Strategic Plan.  In addition, the board assists with securing financial support for the advancement of the mission of the schools.

SCS Advancement Board Members

Fr. Mike Morin, Fr. Matthew Vandewalle, Fr. Joseph Faulkner, John Kreikemeier, Mike Weiss, Fr. Cyrus Rowan, Fr. Ben Rynearson, Fr. David Gayhart,
Rick Ahrens, Eva Fujan, Sara Turman-Vedral, Pat Sullivan, Dan Gruenes, Kam Wiese, Bob Jurgensmeier, Chad Swanson