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School Choice Advocacy-Act Now!

Dear Saunders Catholic Schools Families,

A great opportunity is upon us! We ask you to send a short message to our State Senator for their support of LB364, a bill which could change the lives of many families and be beneficial to Catholic schools across Nebraska.

The Nebraska Catholic Conference has made it easy to contact your State Senator by visiting this advocacy page.

Nebraska is now one of only two states in the country with no school choice policy. We know that parents are the first and primary educator of their children, but it is a sad fact that you currently don’t have the right to find the best educational setting for your child regardless of income or zip code without having to pay out of pocket or rely on benefactors and parishes to make it affordable.

Senator Lou Ann Linehan of Elkhorn, along with 15 cosponsors, introduced LB364 which would create a scholarship tax credit program benefiting kids who qualify for free and reduced lunch and who wish to attend a private school of their choice. This is just a start – but it is something! To learn more about scholarship tax credit and find answers to common objections, visit https://investinkidsnebraska.org/.

Strong opposition and misinformation have stalled this legislation every year it has been introduced. But as scholarship organizations and schools must turn hundreds of kids away due to lack of funds every year, advancing school choice in our state remains a pressing social justice issue. You can be a part of making things right!

  1. Most senators won’t read through all legislative bills.
  2. On most bills, senators hear nothing from constituents.
  3. If a senator receives several calls/emails from constituents about a bill, the bill draws their attention.
  4. If a senator receives 5 calls/emails about a bill, they think, “Maybe I should read that bill.”
  5. More than 10 and the senator is anxious to respond favorably to their constituents requests.
  6. Lesson? Senators support what they believe will help them get re-elected.  Or as Lt. Gov. Foley once said:  “The vote goes to the people who show-up.”

Send a message to your State Senator about Opportunity Scholarships. It doesn’t have to be long, but please feel free to include a personal touch. Here’s how to find your Senator, and here’s how they voted last time on this bill.

Tell somebody! Feel free to share this with family and friends. It is so important to show support and encouragement for those senators who are helping to make Nebraska a more just and loving society. Just a couple of clicks and few typed lines can begin the process of making a big change in our state. Thank you for your attention to this!

In Christ

SCS Administrators

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