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Thank You Wendy Mach & Makovicka/Sylliaasen Physical Therapy

Everyday after school, from July two-a-days, to the end of track season in May, 2006 Bishop Neumann graduate, Wendy Mach, is in the athletic training room taping all the athletes. Wendy, who works for Makovicka/Sylliaasen Physical Therapy in Wahoo, has been the athletic trainer for 7 years now. She helps with the management, prevention, recognition and rehabilitation of athletes and injured athletes. Not only does Wendy help take care of the Neumann Athletes, she loves to see them succeed.  “I love seeing my athletes be successful. Watching them perform at their highest abilities is so rewarding,” she said.  Thank you Wendy Mach and Makovicka/Sylliaasen Physical Therapy for always providing unlimited care and resources to our student.



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